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Remote EPC Consulting Services to Give Your Business a Competitive Edge

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Schedule Management

- Fully Cost & Resource loaded      Primavera P6 schedule

- Schedule narrative

- Monthly & weekly reports & graphs

- Earned value management (EVM) 

Skip the costly Primavera software and training, our consultants build a fully Cost & Resource loaded Primavera P6 schedule. Your schedule is supplemented with a schedule narrative and frequent reports and graphs. We use the earned value management (EVM) technique to ensure your project measurement is measured in an objective and transparent manner. Our schedule management services ensure your project managers make the best use of their time, spending minutes instead of hours on scheduling. We offer remote services, connecting you with master schedulers at a fraction of the cost and eliminating any need for high-priced, hourly scheduling consultants. At Projectlogix, we follow PMBOK by PMI, USA to establish scheduling methodology.

Our On-Demand Scheduling provides following benefits to the clients,

1. Allow project managers’ time to manage projects rather than schedules.

2. Provide the transparency of 3rd party schedule management.

3. Eliminate the need for costly Primavera software and training.

4. Eliminate the need to maintain qualified project planners on staff.

5. Eliminate reliance on high-priced, hourly scheduling consultants.

6. Spend just minutes each month on scheduling rather than tens of hours

7. Perform Project Planning Workshop with experienced scheduler

8. Provide access to Master Schedulers at a fraction of the cost

We follow PMBOK by PMI,USA for establishing scheduling methodology.

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Cost Management

- Cost management philosophy/     procedure

- Cost estimate developed as per AACEI guidelines

- Cost estimation (Class 1 to 5)

Ensure your business or project is planned using the scientific principles and techniques of total cost management: cost estimating, economic and financial viability analysis, cost engineering, program and project management, planning and scheduling, cost and schedule performance measurement, and change control. Cost estimates follow the AACEI cost management principles. At Projectlogix, our consultants are highly experienced in managing cost throughout the life cycle of any enterprise, program, facility, project, product, or service.

Total cost management is an engineering practice or discipline where engineering judgment and experience are used in the application of scientific principles and techniques to problems of business and project planning; cost estimating; economic and financial viability analysis; cost engineering; program and project management; planning and scheduling; cost and schedule performance measurement, and change control.

We are highly experienced in managing cost throughout the life cycle of any enterprise, program, facility, project, product, or service.


We follow AACEI cost management priciples and cost management is  accomplished through the application of cost engineering and cost management principles, proven methodologies, and the latest technology in support of the management process.

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Risk Management

Our Risk Management experts are focused on achieving the following goals:

Our risk management services streamline and standardize the identification, analysis, and mitigation of significant risks to ensure project success. We are devoted to ensuring your resources are allocated efficiently and in the most cost-effective manner. In the thorough analysis of your business or project, our experts identify risks with the greatest potential to impact project cost, schedule and performance criteria. This analysis serves to mitigate the highest priority risks early in the planning process and use the Monte-Carlo and Lattice-Hypercube analysis method. We view risk management as an ongoing project and monitor your risk profile as it evolves throughout the performance of your business.



At Projectlogix, we are a group of freelance consultants, each consisting of more than 10-years of experience in project management, scheduling, cost and risk management. Projectlogix has worked on numerous multi-million EPC projects with the largest companies in the EPC industry. While the Projectlogix headquarters are in Antwerp, Belgium, our remote team is spread throughout the globe. Our team is available for onsite and remote services. Our remote services are available to make project management consulting more economical and efficient.





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